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Stop press! Eric Wishbone and the Frozen Earth to be published soon!


I’m sooooo excited – my adventure story for children about mind-controlling ice cream and a trip to the sun with a talking Solar Bear is to be published soon.

Asked if it was going to be original, compelling for children, exciting and engaging, of course I said I hoped it would be all four! Here’s a taster of what’s to come in Eric Wishbone and the Frozen Earth.

Eric Wishbone’s head teacher, Miss Isle, has gone completely bonkers. She wants to take over the world with mind-controlling ice cream, and has a diabolical plan to get the ice she needs by blowing up the sun! No-one seems to care but why would they when they can eat as much shark-fin-burper-slurper, swimming-pool-hotel-choco-bazooka-mint-mountain or sports-car-rocket-launch-cloud-drifter-with-a-hint-of-toffee ice cream as they could ever imagine? Eric, his two best friends Freddie Neptune and Bobby Spoon, his dog called Dracula, and a Solar Bear from outer space, are the only ones who can possibly save the world from freezing over…forever! Can Eric get to the mysterious source of Miss Isle’s power in time?

We’re working on finalising the book’s cover and as soon as it’s ready I’ll post it here for its first outing.

Is this going to be the start of Eric Wishbone adventures? You bet!

Signing off for now, Jonathan


About Jonathan Oldershaw

Children's author, father of 2, servant to 1 cat

7 responses to “Stop press! Eric Wishbone and the Frozen Earth to be published soon!

  1. alison ⋅

    Sounds really great, cant wait to get a copy 🙂

  2. Toby Ballantine ⋅

    Can’t wait until it arrives, I’ve two boys myself who I know will want to read this thrilling story. It looks right up their street!

  3. Jo Henderson ⋅

    So hard to find entertaining, original and inspiring children’s fiction – I know you will deliver! Cannot wait 🙂

  4. Duncan Simpson ⋅

    Well done Jonathan, hope you sell a zillion….

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