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More school visits planned.

Great news is that Eric Wishbone is becoming a local favourite – I attended another school event locally and children (and parents) saying how much they’re enjoying the mad characters in the book.

Another school visit planned before Easter and one further afield after Easter šŸ™‚

In between, I’m writing Eric’s next adventure although I’m hoping to keep the details secret until book launch day. I can say that there are more than a couple of mad characters blocking Eric’s path to a quiet life…although secretly he enjoys it really!

Back soon,



About Jonathan Oldershaw

Children's author, father of 2, servant to 1 cat

2 responses to “More school visits planned.

  1. Graysie ⋅

    I was telling my wife about this crazy dude I used to know who got banged up in Kiev. Lo and behold if he ain’t an orfer now! Greetings Johnson hope all is well with you and your clan…

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